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Why Design, Why Delhi, Why IIAD

1. Explore the opportunities in Design 2. Get to know about Design Education 3. How is design education different from other courses

3rd Jun, 2019

League of Legends or League of Nations?

1. Are e-Sports a Sport? 2. Interesting Ethical and Legal Issues in e-Sports 3. The Impact of Frequent Rule Changes

24th May, 2019

The Economics of Apologies

1) Basics of strategic interaction and some related game theoretic concepts. 2) The rationality behind seemingly irrational actions.

17th May, 2019

Studying in the USA: What makes an education in the US unique?

- Flexibility of Study Area - Self-Guided Learning - Holistic Education - Much More!

10th May, 2019

Opportunities for Liberal arts

Opportunities for Liberal arts

29th Apr, 2019

Importance of studying journalism and media in the contemporary context

Importance of studying journalism and media in the contemporary context

19th Apr, 2019

Admissions Made Easy @ Iowa State University, USA

To inform students of the academic offerings at Iowa State emphasizing the benefits of attending and the process for applying and enrolling.

28th Mar, 2019

How to Build a Global Career

1) How to choose your college options for a global career 2) How to Crack your college interviews 3) How to have an excellent elevator Pitch

25th Mar, 2019

Study at Europe's Best!

"1) Why choose Dublin as a study destination and why Trinity ? 2) Why Indian students choose Trinity as a study option.

20th Mar, 2019

Study in Canada’s national capital at Carleton University!

1. Introduce Canada as a destination for study 2. Opportunities to work as part of the degree 3. Application process (including scholarships)

11th Mar, 2019