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Put Your Best Self Forward: SOP, Essays and LOR

1. Introduction and Definition 2.Inclusions and Format 3.Examples 4.Questions

13th Aug, 2018

Engineer your career the flexible way

1. Identifying career inclination 2. Modular Career Pathways

10th Aug, 2018

Alumni Webinar Series: Journalism 101

1) Understanding Mass Communication and Journalism 2) How can you prepare for this career during school. 3) Future prospects of Journalism

17th Jul, 2018

Admission requirements to top universities Part 2

1. Admission Cycle 2. Standardized Tests 2.0 3. Helpful Tips 4. Questions

5th Jul, 2018

Admission to Top Colleges: Requirement & Prep

1. Introduction and Top Colleges 2. Requirement 3. Timeline 4. Questions

28th Jun, 2018

Delhi University: The Fantastic Four for Admission

1. Introduction 2. Best Four: Concept 3. Case Study 4. Questions

4th Jun, 2018

Summer Vacations 2.0: Build a brand new you

1. Why Summer Vacations 2. How to make the best use 3. How will this help 4. Question and Answers

21st May, 2018

Hurdle or Opportunity: University Admission Interviews

1. Introduction 2. How to Prepare 3 Common Questions 4 Few Stories

4th May, 2018

Are you well prepared for the industry?

1. Insights into what Industry looks for? 2. All about UPES

13th Apr, 2018