Our Guidance Philosophy

Decisions made by students while they are in High School should have a planned approach as they make or break a student’s career. We at Oakridge International School are aware of these crucial milestones in a student’s life and have always strived to do things that facilitate skilled and smooth decision making for students that eventually yield best results.

More often than not, high school students face anxieties regarding their future and at times make the wrong decision due to lack of awareness and herd mentality. To avoid these career errors, Oakridge provides its students with state of the art Career Guidance System that helps them with -

  • Finalizing course & country where they want to study
  • Deadlines for related tests and applications
  • Psychometric Test & Stream Selector Test
  • Scholarships & funding options
  • Indian and International college options
  • Interaction with universities, experts and counsellors

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Hashika Chowdary

- Batch of 2016
- CSI Institute of Technology
- Guided 1 student

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