Our Guidance Philosophy

High school students have a lot more to consider than just good grades taking into picture the numerous exams that need to be taken to get into a good college and make a successful career out of it. Planning plays a vital role in this regard, an organized approach on matters with one’s own career involved take top priority.

We at Eastern Public School recognize the importance of investing precious time in our children.

We have proclaimed in our school’s mission, which aims to produce eminent professionals and entrepreneurs with strong ethical foundation who could master the expanding horizons of arts, literature, science & technology to help create a justice-driven, peaceful and prosperous world through academic excellence integrated with core Islamic values.

In order to achieve this, EPSites have access to best growth opportunities through cutting-edge teaching methodology and rigorous assessment. EPS also affords a platform for physical, mental and spiritual development for its students to become exemplary citizens with a sense of self-esteem, patriotism, compassion and tolerance. Thus, three Esof EPS: Education, Ethics and Enterprise signify our Mission Statement.

We will make this possible through our effective planning and their serious implementation so that the students are guided at every step.

The help provided pans out in areas such as:

  • Finalizing course & country where the students want to study
  • Deadlines for associated tests and applications
  • Psychometric Test & Stream Selector Tests
  • Scholarships & funding options
  • Indian and International college options
  • Interactions with universities, experts and counsellors

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Personalized Counseling By

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Rizwan Jaffar-Business Management Faculty & College Counsellor

Top Alumni Guides

Muneeza Khan

- Batch of 2017
- Jagran Lakecity University
- Guided 3 students

Arisha Khan

- Batch of 2017
- Jagran Lakecity University
- Guided 1 student

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