Career Guidance Initiatives

Activities conducted by experts in the school give students exposure and clarity on matters pertinent to their career and college choices helping them make important decisions in this regard. Workshops by universities, counselling sessions, career workshops and many such activities conducted in the school ensure that the student gets enough exposure from various avenues and receive clarity on his queries regarding choices of streams and careers.



Total Activities Conducted 2022

Univariety Orientation & Launch

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Profile Completion & Psychometric Assessments

The students of each grade completed their Profiles by logging in to their portals in the Computer Lab. They started with recording the initial Country & Course Choice. Followed by which, the students took one Psychometric Assessment each, suggested for their respective grades. The detailed report of the assessments helped them identify the most suitable top three career choices.

Expert:  Ms. Nupur Juneja & Ms. Preetika Sharma, Date:  May 23rd, 2019

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Student Orientation

Good marks alone are not makers for Career Success today. High school students need to go that extra step in order to stand out and be successful. At Univariety, the Guidance Counselor provides that extra support for an optimal college planning process. The Orientation by Univariety looked at helping students understand the definitive steps needed to be college ready. Starting early helps the students leverage and optimize all opportunities that come their way. Univariety Orientation was conducted for YPS, Mohali students on May 22, 2019. The session talked about the ‘Importance of Planning’ for a great career and how Univariety portal supports students in their career planning journey. It further spoke about the focus areas grade wise; about the importance of Aptitude, Interest, Potential & Strength while finalizing specific career goals for oneself.

Expert:  Ms. Preetika Sharma & Ms. Nupur Juneja , Date:  May 22nd, 2019

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