Career Guidance Initiatives

A hands-on training of the students and parents around the Univariety portal where the role of school, parent and student are clearly defined along with the support that Univariety will provide in the career counseling process



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Parent Orientation - 2019

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Univariety - Parent Orientation

On 30th March, Univariety conducted a session for the parents of Global Indian International School to make them aware of the Univariety platform and how can they help their children in the process of career discovery and guidance. The session was conducted by Ms. Saakshi Agarwal who talked about the process of career guidance and the stress that comes with college applications in this competitive world.The session was interactive where the parents shared their inputs and understanding of their idea of going about the journey of career discovery in the right way. The parents were keen as they asked about the platform and how is it useful, the facility of live online counselors available from Monday to Saturday and how can psychometric assessments can be useful in discovering the potential of their child.

Expert:  Ms. Saakshi Agrawal, Date:  Mar 30th, 2019

Student Orientation - 2019

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Univariety - Student Orientation

On 29th March Univariety conducted 3 orientation sessions for the students of grade 9th, 10th, and 12th to introduce them to the tools and system of the Univariety portal, the need for career counselling and how can they benefit from it. The facilitator, Ms. Saakshi Agarwal talked about selecting the right career, then finalizing the courses that could help the students to get into that career and finally the colleges that offer these courses. Next, she discussed how Univariety as a platform can be of assistance to the students, be it in the form of a reliable research tool, or a place to seek guidance from the counselors who are available for their assistance, or the university connect that the student might need to gain a deeper understanding of how to choose the right college for the students. She also discussed some of the upcoming careers and choosing a different path rather than choosing a profession that is selected by the masses. The session was interactive as the students shared their inputs and understanding of their idea of going about the journey of career discovery in the right way. They wanted to know more about the system and wanted to start exploring it as soon as their accounts were made. As the facilitator walked them through the process of making and using the Univariety platform on the computer and gave them a chance to explore the features, they seemed to be more engaged.

Expert:  Ms. Saakshi Agrawal, Date:  Mar 29th, 2019

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