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Guiding students towards success is not a unilateral process. Which is why we strongly believe in providing guidance to students from multiple perspectives viz Research Tools, Counselors, School Alumni and University Connects. In collaboration with Univariety, The Punjab Public School offers students a digital platform which not only helps them draft out a career plan, but also helps them in finding the right career for them, based on their skills, interests and abilities. Activities in the school include university visits, counselling sessions, career workshops and many more, which focus on giving students the needed exposure and clarity on matters related to their choice of careers and streams.



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Creating a Counseling Environment in School

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Skype Counseling for grade XII

Students can make unique career choices and it thus becomes important for each one of them to get unique support in making higher education decisions. All students of grade XII were counseled individually during a week long activity, basis their course & college choices to narrow on their most suited options.

Expert:  Ms. Saumya Tripathi- Expert Counselor, Date:  Oct 8th, 2018

Univariety Launch & Orientation

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Profile Completion +College Shortlisting & Assessment Completion

Profile creation -Jumpstart your career guidance process now! Start by choosing your course and country preference and you will be all set to go!The first step of the process is creating a student’s profile to help keep a track of student activities on the portal. Students of grade XII further shortlisted their preferred Colleges as per their country & course preference. Where as the students of grade X took the Stream Selector Assessment online.

Expert:  Ms. Srividya Nagrajan, Date:  Sep 29th, 2018

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Univariety Orientation & Launch

Student Orientation: Good marks alone are not makers for Career Success today. High school students need to go that extra step in order to stand out and be successful today. At Univariety the Guidance Counselor provide that extra support for an optimal college planning process. The Orientation by Univariety looked at helping students understand the definitive steps needed to be college ready.So starting early helps the students leverage and optimize all opportunities that come their way. To clarify this further, the school organised a session with Students of grade IX to XII to make them an active part of the career guidance process.

Expert:  Ms. Shalley Kapoor, Date:  Aug 7th, 2018

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