Career Guidance Activities

Workshops by universities, counselling sessions, career workshops and many such activities conducted in the school ensure that the student gets enough exposure from various avenues and receive clarity on his queries regarding choices of streams and careers.

Orientation and Profile Creation

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Profile Creation

Students from grade 9 to grade 12 created their academic profiles. Basis this information, the system populates a roadmap which is unique for every child.
Expert: Mr. Shellwin Singh
May 11th, 2018
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Keeping in mind that students should make the right career choice and should prepare aptly for it, Ramagya school which has tied up with Univariety gave the perfect launchpad. An orientation session was conducted for students across grade 9 to grade 12. Students were told in detail about the various tools at their disposal which they could use on Univariety portal to make an informed career choice.
Expert: Ms. Saumya Tripathi
May 10th, 2018