Career Guidance Initiatives

Activities in the school include university visits, counselling sessions, career workshops and many more, which focus on giving students the needed exposure and clarity on matters related to their choice of careers and streams.



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System Deep Dive

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System Deep Dive- Grade XII

Students can make unique career choices and it thus becomes important for each one of them to get unique support in making higher education decisions- We conducted 3 sessions in the school computer lab, in which we did a complete walk-through of the portal along with a deep dive of Colleges, Scholarships & Entrance Exams recommended based on students' preference of Country and Course. Students were directed to the Counselors, available on chat, to guide them & help them finalize their College Choices.

Expert:  Ms. Charu Malhotra- Expert Counselor, Date:  Dec 17th, 2018

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System Deep Dive- Grade XI

Students differ in their career choices in that some would like to do a conventional course while others prefer the unconventional; witness the nature & variety of our student interests- System Deep Dive sessions were conducted for students of grade XI in the school computer lab and students were guided about the various tools, such as Ideal College List, Entrance Exams, Mock Tests and Webinars, that are available on the portal to help them narrow their choices. A complete walk-through of the system was given based on their choice of preferred Country and Course. Students were encouraged to connect with online counselors to get clarity on specific information that they are seeking.

Expert:  Ms. Charu Malhotra- Expert Counselor, Date:  Dec 11th, 2018

Univariety Launch & Orientation

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Parent Orientation: Stream Selection & Subject Combination

Sessions for parents of morning and afternoon shift students (Grade IX & X) were conducted in the school auditorium. The topic for discussion with parents was Stream Selection & Subject Combination that is offered by the school in grade XI. We also talked about the various conventional and non-conventional career options that can be considered with the chosen subject combinations.

Expert:  Ms.Charu Malhotra & Ms. Nupur Juneja, Date:  Dec 15th, 2018

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Orientation & Launch 2018

Student Orientation- Jumpstart your career guidance process now! Start by choosing your course and country preference and you will be all set to go! The first step of the process is creating a student’s profile to help keep a track of student activities on the portal. Orientation session was held for students of grade 9th to 12th to give them a peek into the guidance services they can expect from Univariety along with the tools which would empower them to take the right career decision.

Expert:  Ms. Charu Malhotra - Expert Counselor, Date:  Jul 17th, 2018

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Orientation Workshop- Parents

A session was conducted for Parents of different grades to give them an idea on how Univariety Team will help their kids' in Career Guidance at the School and showcase on different tools available on the Univariety Website. A brief information was also given on the different tools which will help their Kids for College Planning Process.

Expert:  Mrs. Namrata Chawla- Expert Counselor & Facilitator, Date:  Apr 21st, 2017

Career Workshops

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Career Workshop: Choices of Streams, Subjects & Careers

Students generally are in a dilemma concerning the co-relations between subjects and careers. Many students believe that what they’re studying doesn’t necessarily have something to do with the career that they would pick. We want to help students realize that this is in fact, not the case. The session was for about an hour and was conducted for students of class 9 & 10. During this session, students were made to understand what streams they can consider selecting after they complete their class 10. This session also gave them an insight into the kind of subject combination required and the careers that they can consider pursuing with the chosen subjects in class 11 & 12. The presentation covered streams in sciences, commerce and Humanities. In addition, it also guides students on the different tools that they can use to assess their aptitude and interests and based on that can take a well informed decision about future career prospects.

Expert:  Ms. Charu Malhotra- Expert Counselor, Date:  Dec 13th, 2018

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Keys to Unlock your Career

The students of grade 12 were shown the tools available to them on the (Univariety Portal) Online Career Guidance Management System. Mr Shellwin Singh, conducted the workshop where the importance of making the right career choice at the right time was discussed.

Expert:  Mr. Shellwin Singh, Date:  May 25th, 2018

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Stream Selection

Stream selection workshop was organized for 10 grade students keeping in mind the fact the students need to make informed decisions while selecting their subjects as this would inadvertently affect their future career. The workshop also focused on the importance on appearing for a stream selector test which would enable students and parents to have a clearer picture of the subjects to opt for in grade 11.

Expert:  School teachers / Mr. Shellwin Singh, Date:  Mar 31st, 2018

University Workshops

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Jamboree Workshop

Jamboree is the leading institute offering specialized classroom and online test prep solutions for study abroad entrance exams like GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS. Mr. Gupta, CEO- Jamboree conducted a specialized workshop to guide Students to achieve their dreams of studying in the top universities of the world. The workshop had a huge participation from students of grade XI and XII.

Expert:  Mr. Soumyo Gupta- CEO, Jamboree Education, Date:  Oct 4th, 2018

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Amity University

Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar organized Amity univerisity workshop keeping in mind that students need exposure to various universities and the various courses on offer. Dr. Vikas Madhukar, (Prof. & Dy Director at Amity University) addressed the students of grade 12 and enlightened them about the various options available in the university.

Expert:  Dr. Vikas Madhukar, Date:  May 25th, 2018

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O P Jindal University

Mr. Vikram Singh, Joint Director Admissions, took the OP Jindal university workshop for grade 12 students of Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar. The session highlighted the positives of studying at such a prestigious university, scholarships on offer and what facilities would be available to the students within the university campus.

Expert:  Mr. Vikram Singh Tomar, Date:  May 25th, 2018

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Workshop by Carleton University (Canada)

Carleton University (CANADA) conducted a workshop at our school. The students were informed about the various courses on offer. It was an extremely informative session which covered many aspects like the fees, scholarships etc. Mr. Raeburn with 15 years+ experience in the international student services had conducted this session and was very informative and made sure the students present were counselled and guided about all their queries.

Expert:  Mr. Andy Raeburn, Date:  Aug 25th, 2017

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Workshop by Queens University (Belfast)

Queen's university Belfast which is located in (Northern Ireland). It is voted as the happiest city to live in the U.K. QUB offers a state of the art facilities and is home to over 20,000 students. The constant persistence to achieve and outdo themselves in the education frontier has landed them in the top 20 universities in the U.K. The university delegate conducted the workshop on the 18/08/2017 where students were counselled about the courses, fees, lifestyle and the all the must know facts a student should be aware of.

Expert:  Mr. Ashish Vats, Date:  Aug 18th, 2017

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