Career Guidance Initiatives

Various activities conducted in the school like workshops by universities, career guidance sessions and expert counselling etc. play a major role in helping students understand their aptitude and interests, and make successful decisions with regards to their career.



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Awards & Accomplishments

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Career Focus School Certificate

The Mount Carmel School is awarded with the "Career Focus School Certificate" under the leadership of Mrs. Sabrina Sodemba for setting up an International level Career & Guidance cell in the school.

Expert:  Mr. Bernard Bhutia- Expert Counselor, Date:  Mar 11th, 2017

Career Counselling

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Career Counselling Session

The Univariety Counseling session creates for a student a transparent and personalized environment where student can freely express their career concerns and questions with the counselors. This judicious process enables students to achieve clarity about their career goals and the 7 milestone imperative for college success. The introductory session aims at facilitating students towards helping them decide about the first step in their career journey namely: which course and country of study they are inclined towards. This later leads towards guiding them to understanding their aptitude, interest and personality and aligning them with careers suitable for them.

Expert:  Mr. Bernard Bhutia- Expert Counselor, Date:  Nov 9th, 2016

Career Workshops

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Career Workshop- Choices Of Different Stream

As a part of the Career Guidance journey, a workshop was conducted at the School for Class 10th students on the different Streams and different Subject Combinations which the students can take after completing their 10th Grade. Choosing the right Stream with the correct set of Subject Combination- Is the first step towards achieving one's Dream.

Expert:  Mr. Bernard Bhutia- Expert Counselor, Date:  Oct 25th, 2016

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Career Workshop- Future is in Virtual Learning

As appropriately named, this session is to highlight the trend of learning and future of learning, which is indeed in the stronger through virtual classrooms. This session helped students to understand the relevance of online learning in their education and learning system. It helped them to get aquainted to virtual classroom learning, understanding best ways of selecting courses relevant to their academics and interests, benefits of completing such courses and how to get best out of each courses they complete. With various points, tips and statistics this session has been made very informative for students who would like to open themselves to new challenges and achievements of learning.

Expert:  Mr. Thendup Bhutia- Expert Trainer, Date:  Oct 25th, 2016

Orientation and Profile Creation

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Orientation and Profile Creation

Univariety Guidance Counselor assisted students of Mount Carmel School towards taking their first step in the direction of career exploration through an interactive and engaging talk session, followed by their Profile Creation on Univariety Portal. Univariety realizes this as being an important landmark towards helping the students gain awareness of their career goals thereby enabling them to be prepared and college ready.

Expert:  Mr. Bernard Bhutia- Expert Counselor, Date:  Aug 2nd, 2016

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