Career Guidance Initiatives

Workshops by Top Universities, Counseling Sessions by trained and certified Counsellors, Career Workshops and many such activities are conducted and organised in the school to ensure that the student gets diverse exposure from various avenues. These activities help students get clarity on his queries regarding choices of streams and careers.



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Sessions on Entrance Tests

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Session on PSAT/SAT/AP by Lisa Jain, (College Board)

The session was informative. Ms. Lisa shared information on PSAT/ SAT/AP. She discussed the importance of taking PSAT (Preliminary SAT) and how it would help students to get prepared for SAT and guides students in figuring out ‘areas of improvements’. She also recommended students to take up SAT in grade 11 as they would have plenty of time for preparation and re-take the test if needed.

Expert:  Ms. Lisa Jain, (Country Representative College Board), Date:  Aug 22nd, 2016

University Workshops

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"Study at Trinity College, Dublin"

Oakridge Careers department (Bengaluru) had organized a presentation on “Study at Trinity College, Dublin” by Ms. Nilanjana country advisor, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. The significance of studying in Ireland, about Trinity College, courses offered, score requirements, and key aspects to remember while applying for Trinity were addressed during the session.

Expert:  Ms. Nilanjana country advisor, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland., Date:  Nov 25th, 2016

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"Study in Canada” (Canadian University Application Centre, CUAC)

The session was very interactive, Mr. Broitman discussed various aspects with respect to “Study in Canada” such as different types of colleges / universities available, various courses offered, duration of the course, living in Canada, expenditure, life after graduation. The Canadian University Application Centre (CUAC) is Canada's most professional and responsible counselling and reference centre in India for studies in Canada. The CUAC offers free guidance for over 200+ Bachelor and Master Degree programs in several world-class public universities and colleges of Canada.

Expert:  Mr. Mel Broitman, Director of CUAC, Date:  Aug 29th, 2016

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Presentation & Educational Fair by U.S Universities

The event started with the presentation by Ms. Krishti Chatterji and Mr. Robert Arcangel (from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and San Jose State University) addressing the key topic “Study in USA”. The presentation focused on key aspects such as different institutions in USA, components of application package, building a competitive applicant profile, financial aid opportunities for various subjects and a brief overview on U.S application process. The presenters addressed various questions by parents and students. After which, each university representative gave a brief introduction to about their University followed by Education Fair. Various aspects such as introduction to specific program, selection criteria for specific program, Summer programs after or during high school, TESTs as one of the component of application process, scholarship offered for different subject, Scholarship for Oakridger’s at University of Buffalo were discussed.

Expert:  U.S. Universities, Date:  Aug 22nd, 2016

Career Workshops

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Developing portfolio for School of Visual Arts

Oakridge Careers department (Bengaluru) had organized a session on “Developing portfolio for School of Visual Arts” by Ms. Aditi, International Regional Coordinator, SVA, NY. Ms.Aditi discussed the Major - Undergraduate courses offered at SVA such as Advertising, Animation, cartooning, Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual effects, Design, Film, Fine Arts, Illustration, Interior Design, Photography and video, & Visual & Critical Studies. Also, the non-major Undergraduate courses offered such as Art History, Honors program, Humanities and Sciences. The various works that could be a part of student’s portfolio by showing exemplars was addressed during the session.

Expert:  Ms. Aditi Khurana, school of Visual arts & International Regional Coordinator, SVA, NY., Date:  Nov 25th, 2016

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Careers awareness and study skills

The Career awareness session conducted by Mr. Thomas and Ms. Mansi from One Step Up comprised of introduction to various career options to not only realise the basics of making career choices, but also start thinking about careers and lay the foundation for making plans for the future. Some of the careers showcased during the session were Actuary, Engineering, Life sciences, Psychology, Languages, and Sports. • Mathematics & allied careers – Actuarial sciences, Investment banking, Programming & computer science architecture • Physical sciences – Scientific research, Indian armed forces, and Aviation • Life sciences – Medicine & specializations, Biologists • Humanities – Anthropology, Teaching, Art History, and Sociology • Commerce – Chartered accountancy, Cost accounting, and Business

Expert:  Mr. Thomas & Ms. Mansi- Expert Trainers, Date:  Jul 11th, 2016

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