Career Guidance Initiatives

Workshops by universities, counselling sessions, career workshops and many such activities conducted in the school ensure that the student gets enough exposure from various avenues and receive clarity on his queries regarding choices of streams and careers.



Total Activities Conducted 2019

Career Workshops

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Stream Selection - Grade 10th

Stream selection workshop was conducted on the 26/07/2017. The workshop stressed on the careful selection of streams based on a student's aptitude and willingness to pursue a chosen career. It also enlightened the students about the plethora of opportunities available to them depending on the streams they choose.

Expert:  Mr. Shellwin Singh, Date:  Oct 26th, 2017

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Hidden Treasures - Finding College Scholarships

A session was conducted on Scholarships. Scholarships are almost considered a myth by most students. Students almost start believing that it happens only by sheer luck or extreme excellence. This session helped to break this myth and let students get acquainted with the definition, reach, eligibility and possibility of the scholarship. It also talked about the methodical approach to search and applies for them too.

Expert:  Ms. Stuti Verma- Expert Counselor, Date:  Jul 18th, 2017

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Commerce - Value of everything and nothing

The session is essentially targeted for students for Grade 11 & 12, who has made selections of streams as Commerce and Business. This will either help them to get more information on their chosen field or if they are in doubt it will help them clarify them. Students of Grade 9 & 10 who has selected stream early on can also attend. It covers the following: 1.The streams which can be pursued through Commerce 2.Commerce is not just merely about B.Com. 3.Different industries students can work for through Commerce & Business 4.Their different specializations 5.Pathway to pursue Commerce, Economics and Business in India 6.Know the top colleges in India 7.Introduction to Emerging courses in Commerce 8.Road to Success- other professional courses in commerce

Expert:  Ms. Saumya Tripathi- Expert Counsellor, Date:  May 22nd, 2017

Univariety Launch & Orientation- 2017

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Orientation Workshop- 9th to 12th Grade.

Univariety guidance counselor helped students of Class 9th to 12th to take the first step towards their career exploration. This was an important step towards fulfilling our goal of making every child ready for college. Univariety realizes this as being an important landmark towards helping the students gain awareness of their career goals thereby enabling them to be prepared and college ready.

Expert:  Mrs. Namrata Chawla- Expert Counselor & Facilitator, Date:  May 3rd, 2017

21st Century skills workshop

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21st Century Skills workshop

Univariety workshop on "21st century skills", based on the Insight into an entirely new concept that is very popular in countries like UK and USA, Some benefits of the programme are creative thinking, research, communication and agility, A chance for the students to be among the first few to gain a formal education around these skills in India

Expert:  Mr. Rishi Vaid , Date:  May 12th, 2016

University Workshops

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Instituto Marangoni University Workshop

Instituto Marangoni is renowned name in the Fashion real. It boasts of some of the most prolific names in the fashion industry as its alumni. Mr. Raul D'souza enlightened the students about the plethora of options available in the field including the option of studying in Italy and learning with a hands on approach.

Expert:  Mr. Raul D'souza, Date:  Sep 27th, 2017

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Michigan Technological University Visit

Michigan Technological University, founded in 1885, has gained worldwide recognition for innovative education and scholarship. Michigan Tech is a leading American public research university, exploring the boundaries of knowledge, developing new technologies, and preparing students to create the future for a prosperous and sustainable worlds.

Expert:  Ms. Cassy Tefft de Munoz, Date:  Aug 31st, 2016

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De Paul University Visit

DePaul University, founded in 1898, is the largest Catholic university, and the 12th largest private, not-for-profit University in the nation, with 23,799 enrolled students. With more than 140,000 alumni worldwide, students network with mentors, colleagues, and employers across the globe. Located in the 3rd largest city in the U.S., Chicago has over 150 years of history and is a city of world-class architecture, beauty, and enormous pride. Chicago is an integral part of the educational experience at DePaul.

Expert:  Ms. Karen Mark - Admissions Office Representative from DePaul University., Date:  Aug 2nd, 2016

Univariety Launch & Orientation

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Orientation Workshop

Univariety Guidance Counselor assisted students of G D Goenka School, Rohini towards taking their first step in the direction of career exploration through an interactive and engaging talk session, followed by their Profile Creation on Univariety Portal. Univariety realizes this as being an important landmark towards helping the students gain awareness of their career goals thereby enabling them to be prepared and college ready.

Expert:  Ms. Manmeet Sidhu- Expert Counselor, Date:  Sep 29th, 2016

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