Career Guidance Initiatives

Career guidance workshops encourage students to think about their careers, in turn playing a big part in creating an environment in the school which has its focus around college and career guidance.



Total Activities Conducted 2020

Creating a Counseling Environment in the School

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Psychometric Assessment Report Discussion

Parents and Students of Grade XII were invited for a Counseling Discussion based on the Psychometric Report of the students. The counselor guided the students on what Careers to look at, what courses to look at, based on - 1. Their Psychometric Assessment Report 2. Their own Interests 3. Their Parent's Aspirations

Expert:  Mr. Ravinder Gorshi, Date:  Oct 12th, 2019

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A Winning College Admission Plan

4 years of hard work throughout grade 9-12 infers to one thing – Successful College Admissions. Students are stressed to perform well in academics, excel in extracurricular, build their resume, and certify their talents all for one reason – college admissions. But do they make a systematic plan for college admissions? What is a systematic college admission plan? How can students make their own customized plan? Where can they get help? How can they measure their success? This is one of the sessions, where they understand the benefit of their school supporting them in planning successful admissions through an established counseling system.

Expert:  Ms. Charu Malhotra, Date:  Jul 23rd, 2019

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Choices of Streams, Subjects & Careers

Students generally are in a dilemma concerning the co-relations between subjects and careers. Many students believe that what they’re studying doesn’t necessarily have something to do with the career that they have picked. We help students realize that this is in fact, not the case. The session was conducted for students of Grade IX-X. During the session, students understood what streams they can consider selecting after they complete their class 10. This session also gave them an insight into the kind of subject combination required and the careers that they can consider pursuing the chosen subjects in class 11 & 12. The presentation covered streams in Sciences, Commerce, and Humanities. In addition, it also guided students on the different tools that they can use to assess their aptitude and interests and based on that can take a well-informed decision about future career prospects.

Expert:  Ms. Charu Malhotra, Date:  Jul 23rd, 2019

Univariety Orientation & Launch

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Senior Staff Orientation

The session was held to make the Senior School Staff aware about the school’s initiative for Career Counseling. The session showed them the Counselor’s Dashboard, Student Portal and Student Journey. It focused on encouraging students to opt for Unconventional courses.

Expert:  Ms. Mehak Arora, Date:  Sep 11th, 2019

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System Deep Dive

The students of Grade XI and Grade XII were taken through the portal. Each and every tab was explained in detail with a lot of various examples. The students were explained the benefits of the portal for them. They were encouraged to interact with the online counselors and watch webinars. My journey, i.e. the roadmap for finding the best career, course and college was explained to them in detail.

Expert:  Ms. Charu Malhotra, Date:  May 28th, 2019

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Profile Completion & Psychometric Assessments

The students of Grade IX and X were made to login to the Univariety Portal. The first step they did was complete their profiles, then record the subjects of their interest. Next, we made them take one Psychometric Assessment each. This test takes into consideration the aptitude as well as the interest of the student to suggest the benefits of taking a specific stream and know their own learning styles.

Expert:  Ms. Charu Malhotra, Date:  Apr 17th, 2019

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Profile Completion & Psychometric Assessments

The profile completion activity was facilitated in the School Computer Lab. The students of Grade XI and Grade XII completed their Profiles by recording the initial Country & Course Choice and shortlist colleges. Followed by which the students took one Psychometric Assessment each, and the detailed assessment report helped them identify their own strengths and weaknesses, and their best-suited Careers

Expert:  Ms. Charu Malhotra, Date:  Apr 16th, 2019

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Student and Parent Orientation

Univariety Orientation was conducted for the Students and Parents of Grade IX-XII. The session talked about the ‘Importance of Planning’ for a great career and how the Univariety portal supports students in their career planning journey. It further spoke about the focus areas grade wise; about the importance of Aptitude, Interest, Potential & Strength while finalizing specific career goals for oneself.

Expert:  Ms. Charu Malhotra, Date:  Apr 6th, 2019

University Workshops

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Carleton University

An informative University Workshop was conducted by Carleton University, Capital University of Canada for the students of Grade XI and XII. The interactive session with students primarily focused on Canada as a study destination and the various courses offered at Carleton.

Expert:  Dean - Carleton, Date:  Aug 29th, 2019

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