Career Guidance Initiatives

University visits, Counselling sessions, Career workshops, all of these and more for students to get exposure and clarity, with regards to their college placements and career ambitions. Activities conducted by experts in their particular fields, helps students bridge the gap between having knowledge on those careers and how to practically make informed career choices.



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Univariety Launch & Orientation

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Profile Completion +College Shortlisting

Profile creation -Jumpstart your career guidance process now! Start by choosing your course and country preference and you will be all set to go!The first step of the process is creating a student’s profile to help keep a track of student activities on the portal. Students across grade VIII- XII recorded their initial preferences by completing their profile and grade XII shortlisted their choice of colleges.

Expert:  Ms. Nupur Juneja & Mr. Avishek Datta Ray, Date:  Sep 17th, 2018

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Parent Orientation

Parent Orientation session was conducted at school for parents of grades VIII to XII to encourage Parent & School collaboration in the student's Career Journey. The session talked about 'How Univariety shall equip the students in planning their Career Journey' in a more systematic way and to showcase on different tools available on the Univariety Website to support them in their journey.

Expert:  Mr. Avishek Datta Ray & Ms. Nupur Juneja, Date:  Sep 16th, 2018

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Student Orientation & Launch

Student Orientation: Good marks alone are not makers for Career Success today. High school students need to go that extra step in order to stand out and be successful today. At Univariety the Guidance Counselor provide that extra support for an optimal college planning process. The Orientation by Univariety looked at helping students understand the definitive steps needed to be college ready.So starting early helps the students leverage and optimize all opportunities that come their way. To clarify this further, the school organised a session with Students of grade VIII to XII to make them an active part of the career guidance process.

Expert:  Ms. Nupur Juneja & Mr. Avishek Datta Ray, Date:  Sep 15th, 2018

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Orientation (IB) Students

An orientation session was organized in the school believing in the fact that students must know the benefits of using the Univariety portal. The session highlighted the importance of making informed career related choices and various ways through which students would be able to receive assistance in making this crucial decision.

Expert:  Ms. Saumya Tripathi, Date:  Apr 11th, 2018

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