Career Guidance Initiatives

Workshops by universities, counselling sessions, career workshops and many such activities conducted in the school ensure that the student gets enough exposure from various avenues and receive clarity on his queries regarding choices of streams and careers.



Total Activities Conducted 2020

Awards & Accomplishments

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Career Focused School Certificate

The Millennium School has been awarded the "Career Focused School Certificate" under the leadership of Mrs. Rita Kaul for setting up an International Level Career & Guidance cell in the School.

Expert:  Univarierty, Date:  Jun 1st, 2017

Univariety Launch & Orientation

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Orientation Workshop

This was a Jump start to the Career Guidance process at the School. A session was conducted for students of grades 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th to give them an idea on how Univariety Team will help them and showcase on different tools available on the Univariety Website. A detailed information was given to the students on the different tools that are available for the students for their College Planning Process.

Expert:  Ms. Amrapalli Lal- Counselling Manager- Univariety, Date:  Apr 24th, 2017

Career Counselling

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Univariety Counseling Session- 11th & 12th Grades.

The Univariety Counselling session creates for a student a transparent and personalised environment where student can freely express their career concerns and questions with the counselors. This judicious process enables students to achieve clarity about their career goals and the 7 milestone imperative for college success. The introductory session aims at facilitating students towards helping them decide about the first step in their career journey namely: which course and country of study they are inclined towards. This later leads towards guiding them to understanding their aptitude, interest and personality and aligning them with careers suitable for them.

Expert:  Ms. Manmeet Sidhu- Expert Counselor, Date:  Nov 7th, 2016

Career Workshops

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C V Building Workshop

Student today are looking forward to Navigate into a Globalized and Complex world. Academics and Entrance Exams are a part of admission process; however it is important for every student to hold a strong Resume as well. A session was conducted by Univariety for Class 10th, 11th and 12th students to make them aware about the importance on Profile building.

Expert:  Mrs. Tarveen Walia- Expert Trainer, Date:  Oct 15th, 2016

University Workshops

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Iowa State University Workshop

Iowa State University of Science and Technology, more commonly known as Iowa State University (ISU), is located in Ames, Iowa. Iowa State has produced astronauts, scientists, and Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, along with a host of other notable individuals in their respective fields. Founded in 1858, ISU is a leader in agriculture, engineering, extension, and home economics, and created the nation's first state veterinary medicine school in 1879.

Expert:  Ms. Kelsey Jensen - Admissions Office Representative from Iowa State University., Date:  Aug 29th, 2016

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