Personalized Counselling

Because Personalized Guidance makes all the difference...

Univariety has helped students achieve their dream careers through its guided and unbiased counselling approach. Our Expert Counsellors help students gain clarity on Courses, Careers, Colleges and Universities, Entrance Tests and Scholarships along with guidance on exam preparation and stress management among other things. With over 50,000 student-counsellor connects, Univariety’s counsellors strive to establish a deep rapport with every student.

Virtual Counselling

In this age of Everything Digital, it is equally important to make good quality Virtual Counselling available to students. Our Virtual Counselling service is designed to overcome challenges like student inhibitions, anytime access and instant responses to student queries. Our team of expert counsellors ensure that whether through chat or email, the quality of counselling is always of the highest standards.

Expert Counselling Access for Students & Parents via

  • Chat (9AM - 9PM)
  • E-Mails (48-Hour Response time guaranteed)

Live Webinars

Webinars are knowledge resources that give insights into different courses, countries and colleges through real-time conversations and online discussions.

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In-person Counselling

Univariety counsellors visit the school to launch the program with students and parents. Training on the Tools and Program is provided to the teachers & counsellors at the school.

* All Counselling Sessions are recorded, summarized & available for future reference


1,00,000+ Counselling Sessions Conducted