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Univariety & Its Services

Tell us more about Univariety

Where is your Head Office?

Is Univariety strategically associated with any companies/organizations?

What is the size of Team Univariety?

Why Univariety?

How will our school benefit from a Career Guidance System?

We already have a Career Counsellor(s) in our School. Why do we need Univariety?

We have external counsellors available to students who are interested. Why do we need Univariety?

Why Choose Univariety over Competition?

We have already partnered with a Career Guidance Company. Why should we switch to Univariety?

Our Services

How will you guide every student in our school?

We prefer in-person counselling sessions for our students.

Are all your services offered online?

Are you a study-abroad agent?

Do you have residential schools from remote areas subscribing to your platform?

Can we upload documents through your system for submitting college applications?

Service Support

How will you Launch your Services in our School?

How often will you visit our school for in-person Counselling?

What kind of Service Support will you provide our School?

How do you ensure that all our students use your platform?

How do you guarantee Data Confidentiality?

Do you provide Training Programs for Counsellors, Teachers and School Management?

How do you involve our Parent body in the Guidance Process?

What is Red-Flag Reporting?

What is 'Attrition Risk Reporting and Control'?

How do your services benefit our School's brand?

Do you have a solution in case the School does not have a Counsellor at all?

Sign-up Process

Can our School get a Free Trial of Univariety's services?

We have specific needs, can you customize your packages for our school?

We would like to keep your services optional for the Students. Is that possible?

What are the commercials of partnering with Univariety?

What are the hidden costs?

Do you accept payment in instalments?

Ok, we are interested! What is the next step to partner with Univariety?

Student Guidance Solutions

Psychometric Assessments

Are your tests online or paper-based?

How does a Student know which Test to take?

Will Univariety share Individual Student Test Reports with the School?

Personalised Counselling

How often will Univariety Counsellors visit our school for Counselling Sessions?

What is Virtual Counselling? Isn't Face-to-Face Counselling better?

How will you ensure that all students are counselled?

How will you keep our School and Parents notified of a student's counselling session and progress?

What are the qualifications of Univariety Counsellors?

We have a great in-house Counsellor, why should we seek Univariety's Counselling Services?

Alumni Guidance System

How does Univariety collect Alumni Data? What will the School have to do for it?

How will Univariety ensure Alumni Data confidentiality?

How will Alumni guide our students?

Will Univariety organize Alumni Reunions and other events for our School?

Will Univariety help us with fund raising from Alumni?

Can the School collect its own Alumni Data?

University Guidance

Are you Agents for Foreign Universities?

Does Univariety provide information for Indian as well as Foreign Universities?

Does your platform only give information about Universities which Univariety is partnered with?

Can you organize Career Fairs for our School?

Can you assist our students in securing Scholarships?

Can you arrange University workshops in our School?

Can you connect us directly with the Admission officers of International Universities ?

Does Univariety offer any scholarships to our Meritorious students ?

Research & Knowledge Tools

Can our School Counsellor and teachers access your research tools?

Do we need to install a software to access the Univariety Platform?

Will you train our Counsellor and students on how to use these tools?

How do we know that the information you are providing on your Platform is accurate?