Think different. Apple Inc. came up with the ‘Think different’ campaign back in 1997 - and it is being used as the brand’s slogan to date. So, why did Apple not highlight sleek looks, user-friendly features, and security like other technology brands? Because their focus was to highlight one simple outcome - that no matter what product is out there, Apple's user experience is different. It’s no wonder that as a consumer this is ingrained in our minds too! November 14, 2022

Schools Usually Market Their FACILITIES & OFFERINGS

Our Partner Schools Think Differently. They Show Their OUTCOMES & SUCCESSES.

By Showcasing Alumni Journeys on their Website

Your school's website is the first space that parents explore while researching about your school. Showcasing Alumni Journeys on your website is the best way to catch their attention as well as earn trust and credibility in their eyes. 

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By Highlighting Alumni Success Stories during Admissions Marketing

The question that grips most parents during school admission is, “What will my child’s journey be like from here on?” Alumni success stories show parents a glimpse of a possible future for their own child. 72% of parents believe Alumni testimonials over a school's regular marketing message.  

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