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You want to find the way to a shop that your friend recommended, what are you most likely to do?

Look out for a known landmark

Ask for directions

Write down the directions

Use a Map

You want to find details about a tour you are going on, what would you do?

Look out for highlights and activities

Use a map to see the places

Read about the tour itinerary

Talk to people about the tour

You learn your subjects in the classroom best when you:

Listen to the teacher’s lecture

Take notes for future reference

Experiment with what is taught in class

See the visuals of the concepts taught

You want to learn to take good photos, you would:

Ask questions about the camera and its features

Follow the written instructions about the camera

Check out the diagram showing the camera and its parts

Use examples showing how to improve them

You want to learn how to play a new sport, You would:

Watch others play before joining

Listen to someone explaining the game

Use diagrams that explain the stages, moves and strategies

Read the instructions

You want to give directions to a person staying in a hotel who wants to visit your house later. You would:

Draw a map on paper

Write down the route

Tell her the directions

Collect her from the hotel in your car

You want to plan a birthday party for your flatmate. You would:

Imagine how the party should look like

Discuss it with friends via phone

Make a to-do list

Invite all his friends and let it happen

You want to assemble a wooden table that came in parts. You would learn best from:

Diagrams showing each stage of the assembly

Watching a video of a person assembling a similar table

Written instructions that came with the parts for the table

Advice from someone who has done it before

You have to give a presentation, what will you do to make yourself comfortable?

Practice what to say again and again

Readout your speech over and over again

Come up with an activity to show to the class

Take along a few diagrams to refer to during the presentation

You’ve just studied ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in your English class. Now you have to do an assignment, but you get to choose the format. What would you prefer?

Readout an excerpt from the play

Write a report

Act out a scene with a couple of friends

Make a short video presentation