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Hello Parents,

As an initiative to further increase your child's admission chances to the top colleges in India and Abroad, our partner Univariety will help you register for a Summer Program in India or Abroad.

Your child can take up a summer program either in India or Abroad. In India they can choose to take up a summer program being conducted by Oxford, Columbia, Ashoka University, Symbiosis, Pearl Academy and other top colleges. If they would like to travel abroad - they get to choose from a plethora of courses being offered at universities like Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, Oxford, Yale and many more. Here are some points to take note for your child's Summer:

Upon completion of a summer program, you receive a Certificate of Achievement and/or an official program transcript documenting the extensive work performed. You also receive a letter of recommendation that may be submitted to colleges as part of the admissions process. As Alumni, you can request that additional letters of recommendation be sent directly to colleges or scholarship programs.

In addition to the tangible benefits described above, you will develop essential leadership skills that will be of great benefit throughout high school, college and a future career. Career exploration through workshops, college-level lectures and meetings with professionals in their chosen field will give you valuable insight into a future career ahead of college Just as important, interactions with other high-achieving students from around the world who share their interests will prepare you for the social and intellectual rigors of college.

To know more regarding the summer programs that your child can take up, please Click here

In case of any questions or queries, please reach out to us.

Best Regards,

School Counselor (Ms. Astha Bajaj).