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Aug 07, 2015 By Univariety

25,000 applicants and 1000 seats:  Welcome to CLAT, the Common Law Admission Test which is not as common as it seems. CLAT is a test held to allocate seats in the 16 National Law Universities (NLUs) across the country for the five year under-graduate law programs including the LLB course.

Law is a career for people with high intellect combined with a calculating mind, logical reasoning and unwavering patience. Naturally, only those apply for this test who have the aforementioned traits and only those come out successful who have the ability to improvise and never back down.

If you have applied for CLAT, here are some guidelines which will help you in becoming one of the 1000 against the massive army of 30,000 plus applicants.

The basic approach towards solving a CLAT test is simple: know as much as possible and prepare for as long as possible. The sooner you start the better chances you have to stand tall.

1.    Previous papers are a treasure

Solve as many previous papers of CLAT as possible. There are several CLAT sample papers available online which will prove instrumental in understanding the paper structure. Previous papers are a treasure. Make sure you use them.

2.    Daily dosage of GK

Yes, you may buy that thick GK book from your local bookstore but it won’t provide you with information about the recent developments. With all the newspapers of the world at your fingertips through the internet, you have nothing to worry about. Just select some newspapers and make a habit of reading them daily. Make sure that you are reading all the major news categories.

3.    Time management

Solve the previous papers with a pen and sheet just like you would do in a real examination. This will help you in determining how much time you are taking to solve questions. There are 200 questions in a CLAT paper with 120 minutes to solve them. Wrong answers will lose you marks. So, make sure you don’t waste your time and develop your own time management strategy.

Test paper pattern

The CLAT test paper has an interesting pattern to test your English comprehension skills, your GK and current affairs knowledge, your ability to solve mathematical problems, your understanding of legal sections and how you apply them and your logical reasoning.

For English comprehension, it’s very important that you know atleast the basic grammar. It will be a good idea if you go through the basic grammar rules (if you have forgotten them by now). As far as your general and current affairs knowledge is concerned, a good GK book and daily reading of atleast two newspapers will suffice.

The mathematical problems in the test won’t be tougher than those you have faced in class 10. It will be wise to go through the past papers of CLAT to know what kinds of questions are usually asked in this section.

The sections testing your legal aptitude and logical reasoning might prove a little tricky. You would have to be patient enough to read the questions carefully and understand them properly. Again, past CLAT papers will do the trick. Online tests for logical reasoning will also provide you enough fuel to zoom through its section.

CLAT is a test which tests your reasoning power and your knowledge of world affairs. Just stay calm and use your reason and logic. A good ranking in the test will mean that you will get admission in one of the top law colleges in India.

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