Subject Selection: The First Step towards a Giant Career Leap

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Apr 04, 2019 By Univariety

Everyone dreams about a great career and the first step towards that is the right subject selection. Every subject you pick in school opens a wide array of possibilities after your school. Few subjects give you a larger scope to venture into diverse career paths and few subjects refine your chances of getting through specific courses.

Let’s take a look at a few major subjects and different career paths you can take by choosing these subjects at school.


Maths is a popular option among many students as it fits into every career choice, and the subject is inevitable in most of the competitive exams and standardized tests. There is a myth among students that Maths is tough, but with proper guidance and application-based approach, you can master it.

The possible career paths are:

Architecture - Architect, Landscape Architect, Interior Designer

Engineering & Technology - Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer

Computer Science & Information Technology - Computer Programmer, Software Analyst

Mathematics & Statistics - Mathematician, Statistician, Professor

Law - Legal Advisor, Corporate Lawyer, Legal Consultant


Biology deals with Life Sciences - Botany and Zoology and can be stepping stones for your Pure Sciences career. The subject predominantly finds a place in NEET and is mandatory for those opting for medicine and allied careers.

The possible career paths are:

Medicine - Doctor, Psychiatrist, Radiologist, Cardiologist, Sports Medico

Bio Sciences & Biotechnology - Scientist, Biotechnologist

Healthcare - Healthcare Specialist

Psychology - Psychologist

Science - Scientist, Professor. Researchers


Accounting involves mastery over numbers and the subject deals with the processing of financial information. The subject paves a way to Finance, Accountancy, Management and other career options.

The possible career paths are:

Business Management - Manager, Business Analyst, Market Research Specialist, Financial Analyst

Economics & Commerce - Economist, Economic Consultant, Credit Analyst, Financial Analyst

Mathematics & Statistics - Actuary, Statistician, Mathematician, Professor


Art & Design enables you to bring out the creative sparks. The subject deals with different art forms and design skills that are useful in carving out creative spaces and landscapes. Artists are making inroads into many fields and new creative professions are taking shape with every day.

The possible career paths are:

Art & Design - Artist, Designer, Industrial Designer, Interior Designer

Computer Graphics & Animation - Animator, 2D Artist, 3D Artist

Fashion - Fashion Designer, Apparel Manager, Visual Merchandiser


English is a universal language that has its relevance in many fields. It branches out into diverse areas of Journalism, Literature, Communication, among others. Those who have mastery over this language can scale up high in their careers.

Journalism, Media, PR & Communication - Journalist, Reporter, News Presenter,

Linguistics (English Lit. & Hons) - Language Teacher, Professor, Translator

Hospitality, Tourism & Events - F&B Manager, Communication Manager, Event Manager

The subject selection is very critical. There are many conventional career paths that can be chosen, and on the other side, there are new routes that culminate into a great career. You can give a thought about the above-mentioned paths based on your strengths and subject choices.

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