How to interview your Role model

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Feb 26, 2019 By Univariety

Have you ever tried to emulate a person’s behavioral traits, daily habits, distinctive style, among others?
Knowingly or unknowingly, that person is your role model and you dream to become like him/her.
While at school, students try to follow their dreams with the right choice of subjects, activities that are mapped to better careers. They grow high in the theoretical space but miss out on the practical approach, so they have to put themselves in real-life, simulated scenarios. Few take up internships, and few get on board a summer program to gain more insights. Lucky few, will get a chance to talk to their role models and interview them. 

How to identify your mentor
If you have a clear set of goals, then choose a person from your prospective career space who can guide and advice you. Then set your best foot forward to interview that person. He/she can be your mentor for you too.
If Journalism is your calling, you can interview a senior journalist in print or electronic media. If Design is your career choice, then meet a successful Interior or Industrial designer. If you want to build creative spaces for the future world, then Architecture is your strength, and a seasoned Architect can guide you better 

How to connect with your mentor
Once you have identified the right mentor for your career, you can ask around for references. Your parents, teachers, siblings, parents of friends are your first line of go to persons. Once you get the contact, call or email them to fix an appointment. If you are an active part of your school’s alumni association, then your job is much easy. You can connect with your seniors from your field and they will be happy to help you. 

How to prepare for the interview
First, make a questionnaire with the relevant questions. Spread them across generic questions related to the respective field, career options, future prospects, and specific questions that cater to your need.

Sample Questionnaire: 
1) Please throw some light on the future prospects of Economics
2) How Economics, Statistics and Management are interrelated?
3) How can I transit from Sciences to Humanities?
4) How can I tame the Math monster?
5) What are the benefits of building a strong profile?
6) How can I be employable after my study in Ireland?
7) What are the right subjects to select in class 11th and 12th for a career in Sports Management?
Once you are done with the questionnaire, start with the interview. 

How to initiate the interview process
If the person is your senior from the school, you can start with a refresher on your school and how is the status quo now. This can progress in a casual and chatty tone. On the other hand, if the person is unknown to you but agreed for an interview, make it sound more professional. Your seriousness should come in your approach and the way your ask follow-up questions. Please note or record the responses with their permission. They act as quick guides for your future reference.
Interview is a great activity to learn and grow. Once you are in the good books of your mentor, you can probably get an internship or job shadowing opportunity at his/her company. The guidance you get during the course of the interview will remain with you throughout the life.

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