How to Make the Most of your Vacation Time

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Feb 26, 2019 By Univariety

Did you know?
You can do wonders in the transition from Grade 10 to Grade 11.
These wonders add up to your college-ready profile and pave way to your dream college.
Neither Herculean tasks nor boring stuff, but something you like and always wanted to make a cut in this arena. They are the most lovable extracurricular activities which didn’t get heed from you owing to academic pressure. Now the good news is they can get you internships and also admission into your dream college.

Impact does matter
Pick up an extracurricular activity and start an impactful journey. If you want to join a society or a club, make your presence count. Unleash your creative side and bring in more diversity to the club activities.
You can also start a club - quizzing, speaking, photography, art, etc based on your interest, and you can earn the brownie points of being the founder. Then you can take the activities further with some sparkling ideas.

Extracurriculars get admissions
The extensive stretch of extracurriculars projected in your profile for college admissions grabs the eyeballs of the admission officers. If you are on par with academics with others, then the saving grace is extracurricular activities.
Universities see a sense of team spirit, management abilities, prioritization in students who excel in the activities beyond academics. The fun and creative activities can even get you an admission in the best colleges.
Listen to Tanya Dutta of DPS Mathura Road on her journey to LSR through the ECA route.

Alumni association
You seniors are your mentors and career guides, and they have answers to even the toughest questions that Google doesn’t. Then why not get closer to them. 
If you have an active alumni association, then be a part of it and plan the events for the next academic year. This shows your involvement in a novel task. If there isn’t an association, then try initiating one. You can be the founder president of the club.
Organize events and get great, life-changing advice from speakers. You can meet some seniors in the process whom you can shadow and career-related insights. The alumni can also advice you in terms of picking the right courses, subjects, preparing for entrance tests, and more.
Vidur Ravella, alumnus of Oakridge International School, Newton Campus provides insights on “Importance of alumni guidance”. Vidur is pursuing his Information & Cyber Security at Pennsylvania State University.

Summer Programs
Summer programs are the best way for skill-building during summer vacations. These programs amp up the non-academic achievements and aid in profile building.
Many students took the summer program route to build a strong college-ready profile.
Here’s how you can drive your way to success with summer programs.

Take online classes
Make Udemy, Coursera, EdX your friends. They are comprehensive powerhouses of online courses. You can subscribe to cost-effective courses on Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Test 

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