Global Admissions: Go Beyond Academics

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Feb 16, 2019 By Univariety

Securing admissions in top colleges is growing increasingly competitive. With an alarming increase in the number of top scorers, making academics to be the only differentiating criteria is tough.
But what is taken into account for admissions by Top Universities?
Your profile ‘Beyond Academics’, i.e. your non-academic achievements!
72% of the World’s Top Universities look at Non-Academic Achievements as an Admission Requirement.
Let us take leading US Universities and what all does it take beyond marks to secure an admission at these  

1.Extracurricular achievements (ECAs):
ECAs play an integral part of the selection process with a majority of leading universities including them in their admission requirements. Harvard University for example has two broad parameters which are directly linked to a student’s prowess beyond marks:

  • Interests and Activities
  • Character and Personality
Oakridge International school’s student, Ms. Amita Gondi has been an exemplary student having received offers from Top tier US universities like Stanford and Harvard.
As per Amita, “At Stanford, not everybody has a lot of good scores… a majority of them have spent a lot of time in extracurricular activities and finding a niche for them. I was recruited as a squash player at Stanford.”
Click on the link below to gain insights into the importance of profile building by Amita.
Video Link:

2.Summer Programs:
Leading global universities look for demonstrated interest or passion towards the chosen course with a fine lens. One of the ways through which students can showcase this is through Pre-College Summer Programs.

Ms. Kaveri Nadhamuni, a student of The International School, Bangalore secured a seat at MIT due to her focused profile. She undertook the RISE Internship program at Boston University. Her interest in Machine Learning (ML) was demonstrated through her exemplary work in the development of an ML tool which could predict success of future circuits. This led her to be a suitable Computer Science admit at the world’s leading University for STEM courses.

3.Community Service Orientation: 
‘Contribution to Community’ is one of the major parameters which leading universities across the world look at. It showcases a profile that is considerate and passionate towards the progress of the society.
Ram from DPS, Ghaziabad started building out a profile with ProMap, the World’s First Comprehensive student Profile builder. He undertook an internship with PETA, a leading animal rights organization and initiated a local chapter at his school. This helped him in:
- Gaining an understanding of the current policies in animal rights
- Taking on a leadership role in school
- Prepare for his application to New York University (NYU)With success he was able to secure a seat in Economics and Public Policy at NYU.
So with leading universities across the world looking at a profile ‘Beyond Academics’, you too can start building a focused profile with ProMap, the world’s first comprehensive student profile builder brought to you by Univariety. ProMap creates a personalized roadmap for you while taking into consideration your course, college and country preferences along with your academic and non-academic achievements. 

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