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Jun 18, 2015 By Univariety

If you have grown up fancying yourself as a Hercule Poirot, Nancy Drew or spent evenings poring over Sherlock Holmes novels, then a career in criminology or career in criminal investigation is sure to give your detective nose an itch. Don the detective hat, pack your magnifying glasses and get ready for a career that’s sure to promise a life of excitement and thrill.

But first, let us address the differences between criminal investigation, criminology and forensic sciences in brief.  Criminal investigators are typically called to the scene of a crime in order to process the evidence. Their jobs are more about gathering facts, compiling evidence, interviewing suspects and witnesses etc. A career in forensic department would involve examining the evidences in a lab setting using various techniques. Criminology on the other hand is a wider subject that involves social sciences, law and psychology.

Career Prospect

The career prospects for a graduate in any of the above fields are immense. They could take up jobs in various domains of the government as well as the private sector. A graduate can choose to work on the field or can have a desk job, depending on his/her preference.

The day-to-day activities consist of the following:

  • Analysing samples in the lab
  • Applying techniques such as gas and high performance liquid chromatography, scanning electron microscopy, mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy and genetic fingerprinting
  • Sorting and sifting evidence
  • Attending and examining scenes of crimes
  • Recording findings and collecting trace evidence from scenes of crimes or accidents

Some colleges in India and abroad do offer a bachelor degree in forensic sciences and related fields but most of them offer a post graduate course.

Some of the top colleges in India offering courses in criminology/forensic sciences are:

  • Bundelkhand University
  • IFS India Education Department
  • Amity Institute of Forensic Sciences
  • Osmania University, Hyderabad
  • University of Madras

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