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Apr 03, 2019 By Univariety

After your 12th board exams, the next big thing is joining a college of your choice. There are so many colleges and courses to choose from and that may cause confusion. Your career is planned with the right Stream Selection tools in grade 11 and your entrance exam preparation is aligned to that. However, there can be a few unchecked boxes in your journey.

Some are clear about which Engineering or Medical college to join, and which place is the best for Design, Liberal Arts or Law as a career. But the others are still not clear about their choice of colleges. Career Guidance is a great way to gain insights into different career options and gear up to them. The counsellors make you college ready by helping you with college admission guidelines, visa processes, finance options, and more.

Here is a step-by-step approach for a smoother college admission process

1) Map your career to your chosen stream

The stream selected by you in 10th is very crucial as it paves way for your career after 12th.
The logical transition for PCM is Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, etc.
For PCB, it’s MBBS / Veterinary Science / BAMS / Pure Sciences and Allied Medical fields.
Commerce students transit to B Com, B Com LLB, BBA, Economics, Bachelor in Business Economics, Finance, and more.
Humanities majors pick a BA in the chosen subject or can move to Business Management and other professional courses.

2) Evaluate and Be Flexible to Change the Course
There are a few instances where the students can’t get into their desired course and college. At those times, be flexible and stay open to other options.
Evaluate yourself again and see where your heart lies. You may be logical, artistic, outspoken, and can be more. Link your key strength to your career choice.

Take a psychometric test and revisit your strengths, personality, and intelligence types. Your aptitudes and interests also play a major role in the course selection. You can move from Science to Commerce but can’t do it the other way around.

3) Prepare for your College Admission Process
The college admission process is the critical milestone in your journey. Based on your course and college choice, the admission requirement vary. Fashion and Design aspirants have to build a strong portfolio to showcase in the admission process. This gives them an edge over others and smoothens the selection process.

Your extracurricular achievements play a crucial role and enhance your profile. Bring out the team player and motivator in you by leveraging on your non-academic profile.
Statements of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation are imperative if you are looking for global study options. Think deep about yourself, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and write a good SOP that’s impressive and gives you a competitive advantage over others. Spin the essay to add the value you bring to the college and tie it with the institute’s vision statement.
Summer Program is a good way to build a college-ready profile, develop new skills, gain new perspectives, and develop an all-round college experience.
Many colleges have an interview as part of the selection process.

Before the interview - Understand the interview process, research about the college, review your essays and certificates, practice specific questions, attend mock interviews.

During the interview - Have a positive body language, be honest and clear in your thoughts, use crisp and Intelligent language, highlight your achievements, talk about extra curriculars

4) Get Ready for College
Now you got an admission in your dream college. The next step is to pool your resources to join there.

Check out various finance options to fund your college fee. Make a list of all the merit-based scholarships and check if you are eligible for them. If you have to take a student loan, check for the available options too.
Take part in preparatory courses for a better understanding of subjects in the college. You can hone up your Math, Accounting, Sciences if you got an admit in any of these courses. That gives a cushion for your during the college journey.


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