Beyond Academics: Chance to Stand Out in the Admissions Process

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Feb 26, 2019 By Univariety

72% of the World’s Leading Universities look at non-academic achievements as an important requirement during admissions. Some of the major areas where admission officers keep a close eye on are:

  1. Letters of Recommendation (LORs),
  2. College Application Essay
  3. Personal Interview
Universities today are looking at holistic admission processes for screening applicants and thus, students need to be more prepared than ever. With ProMap, the world’s first comprehensive student profile builder by Univariety, you get that edge in being college ready and you significantly improve your chances of converting a dream college. ProMap helps in creating a personalized roadmap for you while taking into consideration your course, college and country preferences along with your academic and non-academic achievements. 
Now, let us have a thorough look as to how ProMap helps you get these 3 elements right!

1. Letters of Recommendation (LORs): An LOR is a signed statement by either your teacher, counsellor or an employer who have worked with you and are related to the course that you are applying to. Your profile can establish credibility through this document in front of the admission officers. One of the ways through which you can give a better perspective to your teachers and counsellors while seeking an LOR from them is through Extracurricular activities (ECAs).
ECAs help in projecting your profile as diverse and more dynamic as compared to a student with just strong academic scores. Remember, with increased competition, academic scores are becoming difficult to spot by admissions team at Universities. Teachers and counsellors will be better able to understand your profile and offer perspective as to how YOU would make that perfect fit for your dream college.
Ms. Amrita Singh, a student at Ashoka University highlights the practical importance of ECAs, “At my school, I was involved in leadership positions across clubs and societies which helped me tremendously during my role as a placement coordinator at Ashoka.”
The ProMap Edge:
ProMap helps you plan out your ECAs better by providing you with a customized roadmap while taking into account your interests and abilities.
With this roadmap, you will be able to undertake activities that will give your profile that EDGE in university applications and increase your chances of success.

2. College Application Essay: Applicants like you get a window of opportunity to showcase yourself with this element. It helps admissions officers to get a sneak peek into what you love, your motivation levels, skills and that quality which makes you unique. With thousands of applications flooding the university, this helps you make a mark on the team.
Ms. Daksha Ramesh, a alumnus of Podar International School highlights how an essay helped her in acing her university admissions.
She was quoted as saying, “The essay helps in knowing who you are as a person and why you are interested in pursuing that subject. List these things down in a clear and concise manner.”

The ProMap Edge:
Through ProMap’s 5 comprehensive modules guiding applicants on college admissions processes, you cannot be better prepared for your applications.

3. Personal Interview: The personal interview is more or less an important element of the selection process at leading global universities. Personal interviews help Universities in:
- Exploring your hobbies, interests, ECAs, etc.
- In-depth evaluation about your academic inclination
This component is optional at a number of colleges, but when given a chance do attend as it shows your seriousness about the college or university in context.

The ProMap Edge:
ProMap will guide you in choosing the right types of programs based on your areas of improvement. It will suggest you the right type of student programs which you should be looking at and give you proactive guidance on how to ace your personal interviews with ease.
ProMap guides YOU in putting your best-foot forward in your college application process, so make it count.

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