Best Ways to Get into the Top USA College

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Sep 15, 2014 By Univariety

USA is one of the best places in the world to pursue bachelor degree in Computer Graphics and Animation from. The career prospects and the global exposure that the colleges offer make it all the more better.

To gain admission into colleges in US, there are many things international students should take into account. Students should start searching for their prospective colleges very early. It is advisable to start preparing at least a year before they intend to apply as applying could become a time consuming, tedious process. This will also help them to set goals, so that they will meet with the colleges’ eligibility criteria. Students should apply to different schools across the country so that they can keep their options open. Getting into the top colleges will be difficult as their acceptance rates are low because of high competition. Even if the student does not succeed in getting into the top ones, s/he can try in other colleges.

Students should target colleges that they would be eligible to attend. The acceptance scores of the college should meet the grades that the student aspires to get. This mapping out will also help with the major the students prefer, the expense (whether it comes within their budget). They can check with the alumni to see if the environment would suit them.

To gain admission into the top colleges candidates should excel throughout their school life. They should take TOEFL and score above 90. Most of the top colleges would also require students to secure more than 85% in their intermediate qualifying exam. International students also have to secure a score between 1800-2350 in their SATS.

Students who gain admission can apply for various scholarships as education expense could become exorbitant. The average cost of studying these courses in USA could cost from around $18,000 to $42,000 per year depending on the course and the college. There are various need-based, college-based and country-based scholarships that they can apply for.

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