5 Best Cities to Study in India

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May 13, 2015 By Univariety

Think about a bunch of friends meeting long after college, sitting around a bonfire, and the discussion ends up being mostly about all the “fun” they had in their college life. College life is not only about the academics and popular and not so popular lecturers. The city in which you study has a great influence on how your college life is shaped. Those weekends which are spent in looking for budget restaurants, roadside shopping and single screen theaters, are memories that stay with you forever.

So, deciding on the place of study is just as important as deciding on a course or career. Below is a list of top 5 cities that are educational hubs for more reasons than one. Take a look:


The town of Manipal is called a university town for the simple reason that Manipal University is situated in the small coastal town which is close to historically famous Udupi, and other tourist favourites. The entire town is dotted with colleges, institutes, hostels and teacher residences spread over an area of 600 acres. It is home to over 16000 students pursuing more than 20 major courses. It has a variety of eating options, from multi cuisine restaurants to home-made coastal Karnataka food outlets run by grannies. Known for its engineering, management and communication college, Manipal University is a top ranking institution and is a much sought after study destination among students.


Moving to a larger city, Chennai as an educational hub has been attracting students from all over India. The sandy beaches, maritime weather, filter coffee, sambar soaked idlis and modernity steeped in history has made Chennai an all time favourite among students. But most importantly, the engineering colleges in Chennai are the most sought after when it comes to education. Attend a college fest in Chennai and you will know what we are talking about. Hundreds of engineering colleges throng to the venue, each a talent house, ready to take on the world. From working robots, to designing cars, to finding innovative ways to generate power, the students are a result of the excellent education provided in their colleges. Some of the Top Engineering Colleges in Chennai are:


Moving a little more into the southern state of Tamil Nadu, the town of Vellore assumed much importance over the years because of Vellore Institute of Technology and its cancer hospital. If the rise of medical tourism in India can be attributed to one city, it would be Vellore. Taking some creative liberty, Vellore, for many, is the Mount Sumeru that has the cure for everything. VIT on the other hand is one of the most sought after colleges for engineering. Having an entrance exam of its own, VIT offers 19 Undergraduate, 34 Post Graduate, 2 integrated and 4 research programmes. Built over a sprawling 350 acres of land, the VIT campus is home to about 24,000 students from across the world.


Moving 300 and odd kms from Chennai, into the next state, the city of Bangalore is another popular educational hub for students. Known for its beautiful climate and gardens, Bangalore offers a variety of educational options in fields of humanities, commerce and science. Being the largest IT hub in India, it has obviously grown as a major study destination for engineering. The engineering colleges in Bangalore offer a multitude of course in all fields of engineering with good job placements after college. Some of the Top Engineering Colleges in Bangalore are:


Moving on westwards, the city of Pune, also known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, is another popular study destination. It has more than 100 institutions and over 10 deemed universities including the University of Pune. Also known as the Oxford of the East, the city is just the right size for a student. Getting anywhere is easy and almost everything is available close at hand. A student in Pune will know more than 40 places to eat on an average which is cheap and hygienic. You can never go hungry in Pune! While the city cannot boast of having an IIT or IIM, there is a host of Engineering Colleges in Pune that students throng to. Some of the most famous being:

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