4 Tips to Build a Strong Portfolio for your Dream Career

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Feb 28, 2019 By Univariety

Great things start in Grade 9.
You’re busy laying a perfect roadmap for your career as your are one year away from the 10th. The subject selection and profile building add up to the mix, and for those with creative sparks, the field is wide open to build a strong portfolio that fuels up their journey to the land of Journalism or Media or Fashion or Art & Design.
First things first. Identify the broad career fields you want to pursue and align the activities undertaken in school to them.
  • Journalists need to have a flair for writing and people skills.
  • Designers should have a creative eye for detail.
  • Media Professionals blend writing and speaking skills.
Here are the activities you can take up while at school and build a strong portfolio for your dream career.
1) Blogging
 Writing gives a shape to your thoughts. Think about various topics on which you can write and start writing on the same. Start your blog on Blogger or Wordpress and write on various topics that pique your interest.
You can categorize your writing into various segments - Opinion posts, Reviews, Creative pieces, Poems and lot many. The objective is to showcase your writing skills and giving it an online presence.
Listen to Amrita Singh, alumnus of Scottish High International School talking about “How to prepare for a career in Journalism”.
2) Sketching/Drawing
 If Art & Design is your calling, you need to unleash your creative side and take up sketching and drawing activities. This helps you understand the Design ecosystem and build a portfolio of creative work.

Subscribe to online courses on Udemy, Coursera or Edx to master the art of sketching and drawing.
3) Public Speaking
 Public Speaking skills are hallmark of Journalists, PR & Communication professionals. The former has to do a lot of talking in terms of interviews, reporting, among others and the latter has to communicate the brand value. Both require good communication skills.
While at school, students can indulge in Debate and Public Speaking clubs. As a best practice, you can stand in front of a mirror and rehearse your lines before the speech.
Don’t stop there. Try to extend this to Model United Nations and other debating contests of repute.

4) Internships
 Internships add a great value to your portfolio. You can find internships for school students on websites such as internshala. Once you evolve as a blogger, you can pick many content writing internships on the website and the successful completion will earn you a certificate that enhances your profile.
Listen to Kashish Sandhu of Sri Sathya Vidya Vihar who takes pride in 12 internships till the first year of graduation.


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