Students benefit from workshops conducted by universities, career guidance sessions, expert counselling and many more activities. Tailor made for each student, these activities expose them to new information regarding the educational space and gives them clarity to make correct career decisions.

University Workshops

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Michigan Technological University Workshop

Michigan Technological University, founded in 1885 has gained worldwide recognition for innovative education and scholarship. Michigan Tech is a leading American public research university, exploring the boundaries of knowledge, developing new technologies and preparing students to create the future for for a prosperous and sustainable world
Expert: Ms. Cassy Tefft de Muñoz, Director of International Admissions
Aug 22nd, 2017
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Jamboree Workshop

Jamboree conducted a workshop where students from grade 9th to 12th were told about the requisites of studying abroad. Students present were also enlightened about the importance of profile building and the importance of extracurricular activities along with SAT's while applying for universities in the U.S.A
Expert: Mr. Srivatsan Krishnamurthy. Master Trainer - Verbal at Jamboree Education Pvt Ltd.
Jun 22nd, 2017
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NIIT University Visit

The Satya Sai Vihar Science Domain was exposed to the informative and interactive session with the NIIT University .The highlight of the affair was Extensive Industry Link with strong R and D sponsored at all levels,Cutting edge Technology based activities to improve transparency, convenience and to sharpen student’s professional skills,Research driven training of mind which is manifested through distinct attributes,Seamless an all-pervasive concept that manifests across NIIT programme providing students with the occupational, spatial and temporal mobility demanded by today’s economy.
Expert: NIIT University Professor Shivendra
Oct 24th, 2016


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Career Focused Certificate

Sri Satya Sai Vidya Vihar being awarded for being a "Career Focussed School" under the Leadership of Ms.Punita Nehru for setting up an International level career & guidance cell in the school
Expert: Mrs.Muskaan Bhatia Career Counselor & Expert
Sep 22nd, 2016

Career Counseling Session

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Orientation & Profile Creation Workshop Grade 9th, 2018 - 19

Good marks alone are not makers for Career Success today. High school students need to go that extra step in order to stand out and be successful. At Univariety the Guidance Counselors provide that extra support for an optimal college planning process. The Orientation by Univariety looked at helping students understand the definitive steps needed to be college ready. So starting early helps the students leverage and optimize all opportunities that come their way. To clarify this further, the school organized a session with Parents of grade 9th to make them an active part of the career guidance process
Expert: Mrs. Muskaan Bhatia (Career Counselor and Expert)
Apr 17th, 2018
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Career Counselling session

The students of Sri Satya Sai Vidya Vihar School commenced their college planning process with the Univariety counsellor at their school. The Counsellors had an individualized counselling session where they spoke to each of the students on how to understand their aptitudes, interests and personality and accordingly what career would deem appropriate for them. The students were also taken where to study and what course would be optimal through a systematic College Guidance and Planning process. The end result was that the student left the session feeling competent and empowered to their careers.
Expert: Mrs.Muskaan Bhatia, Educational Expert
Oct 27th, 2016
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Career Counselling session

The High school students of Sri Satya Sai Vidya Vihar school attended their first counselling session with the Univariety Counsellor. A one on one approach to counselling students is very effective as students in a group might not feel comfortable in expressing their concerns. In this session students were able to get clarity on many of their concerns and decided on their country and college preferences with regards to college admission.
Expert: Mrs.Namrata Gandhi, Expert Counselor
Oct 17th, 2016
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Career Workshop- Choice of Streams and Careers

Choosing the right stream makes a significant improvement in career path Students were informed that there is no good and bad stream and a lot of opportunities are there in every field. One just needs to put all his and her efforts to make a successful career.The speaker, Shalley Kapoor presented an array of information on career options and the work culture in their chosen fields.
Expert: Mrs.Shalley Kapoor, Educational Expert
Oct 3rd, 2016
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Career Workshop- Commerce

Career Counseling workshop was conducted for the students of class XI and XII to discuss about Commerce Field.Given brief about commerce career,discussed about traditional and non traditional career options,Different specializations to and pathways to enter into Commerce related careers
Expert: Mrs.Shalley Kapoor Educational Counselor
Aug 30th, 2016
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Career Workshop- Engineering

Career Counseling workshop was conducted for the students of class XI and XII to discuss all about Engineering.Speaker has addressed to various topics like Who should do Engineering,How to get into Engineering League,Traditional and non traditional fields of Engineering and Does Physics,Chemistry and Maths only mean Engineering
Expert: Mrs.Shalley Kapoor Educational Counselor
Aug 29th, 2016
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Univariety Counseling Session

Making the right career decision is often a daunting process even for the most able student.Students as a result approach the college planning process with anxiety and apprehension.The introductory counselling session therefore aims at allaying the students’ apprehension by providing them with clarity and equipping them towards making informed choices on where to study and what course would be optimal for them and during the following counselling session assisting them with what careers prospects they could look at.
Expert: Mrs.Charmaine Vaz and Mrs.Pooja Adnaik, Career Counselor & Expert
Aug 5th, 2016
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Orientation and Profile Creation

Univariety gives students a deep understanding of the emerging trends and core skills set needed by High School students by introducing them to upcoming careers, newer courses and the core skills needed for success. The Univariety system works jointly with the schools vision of helping every child succeed in the career of their choice.
Expert: Mrs.Muskaan Bhatia, Career Counselor & Expert
Jun 29th, 2016